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Question and answer

Esta seção, que enfatiza os verbos auxiliares, deve servir de apoio à seção 

Gramática sobre texto. Os vídeos 8 a 16 estão sendo refeitos.

O que são os verbos auxiliares?
O que são os verbos modais?

  1 A good book
  2 In the park
  3 He's not an artist
  4 What is the baby doing?
  5 In a department store
  6 A modern picture
  7 You can't park here

  8 Next door neighbours

  9 Early one morning
  10 At the hotel
  11 What's for dinner

  12 A clever cat 

  13 The Daily News 
  14 At the grocer's

  15 Late for work

  16 Help
  17 A pair of glasses
  18 Our new secretary
  19 Two tramps and a dog
  20 The horse couldn't sing
  21 Easy to drive
  22 It's never too late
  23 The amateur photographer
  24 It is quicker on foot
  25 First flight
  26 Dinner for two
  27 The student teacher
  28 The bag they missed
  29 Ready money
  30 A dirt suit
  31 A day's shooting

continuará até o número 48

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