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Q23 - The amateur photographer


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I went into our local chemist`s shop and handed a roll of film to Mr Dodd. `I want to to have this film developed and printed please, ‘I said. `When will it be ready?`

    `On Tuesday, ‘Mr Dodd answered.

    `I hope they`re successful this time,` I said and left the shop.

    I returned the following Tuesday. `Is my film ready? ‘I asked.

    Mr Dodd looked at me sadly. `Here it is, Mr Mead, ‘he said.

    I opened the envelope eagerly and looked at the photographs.

    `There are only eight photographs here!` I exclaimed. `I ought to have thirty-six!`

    `Did you take the photographs yourself?`

    I nodded.

    `I`m afraid you spoilt the roll of film, ‘he said. `Your camera lets in light.`

    I looked at the eight photographs. Two of them were almost black and three of them were almost white. I laughed when I saw the rest of them. `My sister has no legs in this one. And look at this tree! It`s growing out of my brother`s head!`

    I’m afraid they`re no very successful,` Mr Dodd said. 

    `I`ll never be a photographer! ‘I said sadly.


Answer these questions




01 Did Mr Mead go to the chemist`s?

02 Does Mr Mead want to have a film developed and printed?

03 Will it be ready on Tuesday?

04 Mr Mead went back to the chemist`s the following Tuesday, didn`t he?

05 The film was ready, wasn`t it?

06 Were there only eight photographs?

07 Mr Mead took the photographs himself, didn`t he?

08 Is he a good photographer?

09 Were the eight pictures successful?

10 Didn`t Mr Mead spoil the roll of film?

11 Did Mr Mead laugh at the photographs?

12 The photographs weren`t very good, were they?




13 Who went to the chemist`s?

14 Who wants to have the film developed and printed?

15 Who will collect the photographs on Tuesday?

16 Who took the photographs?




17 Did Mr Mead go to the chemist`s or to the grocer`s?

18 Will the film be ready on Tuesday or on Thursday?

19 Did Mr Mead get eight photographs or thirty-six?

20 Is Mr Mead`s camera in good condition, or does it let in light?

21 Were the photographs successful or unsuccessful?




22 Where did Mr Mead take his roll of film?

23 What did Mr Mead want?

24 When will the film be ready?

25 How many photographs did Mr mead get from Mr Dodd?

26 Why isn`t Mr Mead`s camera very good?

27 Why did Mr Mead laugh at the photograph of this sister?




Ask me these questions


1 a if Mr Mead will have the film developed and printed.

    b where Mr Mead will have the film developed and printed.


2 a if it will be ready on Tuesday.

   b when it will be ready.


3 a if the photographs were successful.

    b why they weren`t successful.


4 a if he spoilt the film.

    b how he spoilt the film.


5 a if there are only eight photographs.

    b how many photographs there are.


6 a if Mr Mead will ever become a good photographer.

    b why he will never become a good photographer.









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