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Q2 - In the park


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Alice and Tommy are with their mother. They are walking in the park. The children are tired. Their mother is tired, too.

Tommy:  Can we sit on the grass, mum?
Mother:   No, you can't, Tommy. The grass is wet.
Alice:      Look, mum! I can see a bench near that tree.
Tommy:  We can sit there.
Mother:   No, you can't, children. The bench is wet, too.
Alice:      It's not raining, mum. The bench isn't wet.
Mother:   Can you see a notice on the bench, Alice?
Alice:      Yes, I can.
Mother:   What does the notice say?
Alice:      I can't read it. Can you read the notice, Tommy?
Tommy:  I can read it. It says 'Wet paint'!  


bench banco
grass grama
mum mamãe
notice placa
paint tinta
rain chover
say dizer
tired cansado
tree árvore
walk caminhar
wet úmido
keep off the grass mantenha-se fora da grama (não pise na grama)
pond lago
run correr

Answer these questions


1 Are Tommy and Alice in the park? 
2 Are they with their mother? 
3 Are the children with their father? 
4 Are the children tired?  5 Is their mother tired, too?
6 Can they sit on the grass?
7 Is the grass wet?
8 Can the children sit on the bench?
9 Is the bench wet? 
10 Is it raining? 
11 Can they see a notice on the bench? 
12 Can Alice read the notice? 
13 Can Tommy read it? 
14 Does the notice say 'Wet paint'?


15 Are the children with their mother or with their father? 
16 Are they walking or running?
17 Can the children see a bench or a pond? 
18 Is the bench near a tree or near a pond? 
19 Is the notice on the bench or on the grass? 
20 Does the notice say 'Wet paint' or 'Keep off the grass'? 


21 What are the children's names? 
22 What are the children doing? 
23 What can Alice see? 
24 What is on the bench?
25 What does the notice say?


Ask these questions

Ask me 

1 if the children's names are Alice and Tommy.
   what their names are.
2 if they are walking in the park.
   what they are doing.
3 if Alice can see a bench.
   what Alice can see.
4 if the children can sit on the bench.
   what the children can't do.
5 if their mother can see a notice on the bench.
   what their mother can see.
6 if the children can see the notice, too.
  what they can see.
7 if the notice says 'Wet paint'.
   what the notice says.

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