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Q13 - The daily news

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Mr Green went to the newsagent's and bought his morning newspaper.

'Good morning, Joe,' Mr Green said.

'Good morning, Mr Green,' Joe answered. 'The Daily News?'

'Yes, please,' Mr Green said.' 'Is there any news today?'

'No, there isn't any news today,' Joe answered. 'There was another murder yesterday. Some thieves robbed a bank. And some workmen went on strike at a factory.'

'Is that all, Joe?' Mr Green asked.

'That's all, Mr Green'. The same things happen every day. Only the names and addresses change.'

'Will it rain tomorrow, Joe?' Mr Green asked.

'Yes, it will, Mr Green,' Joe answered. 'The paper says "Rain tomorrow".'

'The weather doesn't change,' Mr Green said.

'You're right, Mr Green, ' Joe answered. 'Rain yesterday, rain today, and rain tomorrow.'

Mr Green picked up his newspaper and looked at it. 'Why do we read newspapers, Joe?' he asked.

'It passes the time,' Joe answered,' and it keeps me in business.'




newsagent's banca de jornais

murder assassinato

thief ladrão

workman operário

go on strike fazer greve

factory fábrica

happen acontecer

pick up pegar, apanhar

keep manter

business negócio


Answer these questions




1 Didn't Mr Green go to the newsagent's?

2 Did he buy a newspaper?

3 Did he buy any cigarettes?

4 Is there any news today?

5 Was there another murder yesterday?

6 Didn't some workmen go on strike?

7 Don't the same things happen every day?

8 Will it rain tomorrow?

9 Will the weather change?

10 Didn't it rain yesterday?




11 Who went to the newsagent's?

12 Who sells newspapers?

13 Who wants the Daily News?

14 Who robbed a bank?

15 Who went on strike?




16 Did Mr Green go to the newsagent's or to the chemist's?

17 Did he buy a newspaper or some cigarettes?

18 Does Mr Green read the Daily News or the Daily Tribune?

19 Was there a murder yesterday or the day before yesterday?

20 Does Mr Green sell newspapers or does Joe sell them?




21 Where did Mr Green go?

22 What did he buy?

23 What is the name of the newspaper?

24 When did the workmen go on strike?

25 What does the newspaper say about the weather?

26 Why do we read newspapers?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1 if Mr Green went to the newsagent's.

   why Mr Green went to the newsagent's.

2 if he bought a newspaper.

     which newspaper he bought.

3 if he reads the Daily News.

   which newspaper he reads.

4 if there is any news today.

   why there isn't any news today.

5 if the workmen went on strike.

     when the workmen went on strike.

6 if the weather will change.

   when the weather will change.

7 if Joe is a newsagent.

   what Joe is.











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