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Q11 - What's for dinner

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'What's for dinner?' Tim asked.

'I'm going to fry some fish,' Pat answered.

'I don't want any fish,' Tim said. 'I had fish for lunch. We can go to a restaurant this evening.' 'That's a good idea,'

Pat answered. Tim and Pat went to a restaurant. They sat at a table and a waiter brought them the menu.

'I want some roast beef,' Tim said. 'What do you want, Pat?'

'I want a veal chop,' Pat said.

Tim turned to the waiter.

'One roast beef and a veal chop, please. And we want some potatoes and peas,' he said.

'I'm sorry, sir,' the waiter said. 'We haven't any roast beef and we haven't any veal chops.'

'But they're on the menu!' Tim said angrily.

'I'm sorry, sir,' the waiter answered. 'That's yesterday's menu.'

'What do you suggest?' Tim asked.

'Well, sir,' the waiter said. 'We have some nice fresh fish.'




fry fritar

waiter garçom

brought past of bring

bring trazer

want querer

roast beef carne de boi assada

veal vitela

chop bisteca

turn virar-se

peas ervilhas

angrily com irritação


Answer these questions




1 Is Pat going to fry some fish?

2 Does Tim want fish?

3 Will Tim and Pat go to a restaurant this evening?

4 Did the waiter bring them a menu?

5 Doesn't Tim want roast beef?

6 Does Pat want a veal chop?

7 Do they want any potatoes and peas?

8 Can the waiter bring them roast beef and veal chops?

9 Aren't they on the menu?

10 Is this today's menu?

11 Isn't it yesterday's?

12 Can the waiter bring some fish?




13 Who is going to fry some fish?

14 Who went to the restaurant?

15 Who brought the menu?

16 Who wants some roast beef?

17 Who ordered some roast beef?

18 Who ordered a veal chop?




19 Is Pat going to fry some fish or is she going to fry some veal chops?

20 Will Tim and Pat go to a restaurant or will they stay at home?

21 Did Pat order some roast beef or a veal chop?

22 Did the waiter give them yesterday's menu or today's menu?




23 What is Pat going to fry?

24 Why doesn't Tim want any fish?

25 Where did Tim and Pat go?

26 What did they order?

27 Why is the waiter sorry?

28 What can the waiter bring them?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if Tim wants any fish.

  b  why he doesn't want any fish.

2a if they can go to a restaurant.

  b where they can go.

3a if the waiter brought them a menu.

  b what the waiter brought them.

4a if Tim wants roast beef.

  b what Tim wants.

5a if they have any roast beef.

  b what they have.

6a if this is yesterday's menu.

  b which menu this is.








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