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Q4 - What's the baby doing?

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Narrator: John Wilkins is in the living-room. His wife, Mary, is in the kitchen.

She is calling him.


Mrs Wilkins: Is the baby with you, John? He's not in the kitchen.

Mr Wilkins:   He isn't here, Mary. He's upstairs.

Mrs Wilkins: Please go and see, John. He's very quiet.

Mr Wilkins:   All right, Mary.

Narrator:       Now Mr Wilkins is upstairs.

Mr Wilkins:   He's not in his room, Mary.

Mrs Wilkins: Is he in our room?

Mr Wilkins:   No, he's not. He's in the bathroom.

Mrs Wilkins: What's he doing?

Mr Wilkins:   He's cleaning his shoes with your toothbrush!




wife esposa

kitchen cozinha

calling him chamando-o

upstairs no andar de cima

go and see vá ver

quiet quieto

all right está bem

our nosso, nossa

bathroom banheiro

doing  fazendo

cleaning limpando

shoes sapatos

toothbrush escova dental


Answer these questions




1 Is John in the living-room?

2 Is he in the kitchen?

3 Is John's wife in the kitchen?

4 Is her name Mary?

5 Is Mary calling him?

6 Is the baby with John?

7 Is the baby in the kitchen?

8 Is the baby upstairs?

9 Is the baby making a noise?

10 Is the baby quiet?

11 Is the baby in the bedroom?

12 Is he in the bathroom?

13 Is the baby cleaning his shoes?

14 Is he using Mary's toothbrush?




15 Is John in the living-room or in the kitchen?

16 Is his wife in the living-room or in the kitchen?

17 Is his wife's name Mary or June?

18 Is the baby upstairs or downstairs?

19 Is the baby in the bedroom or in the bathroom?

20 Is the baby cleaning his shoes or his teeth?




21 What is the name of John's wife?

22 What is John going to do?

23 What is the baby cleaning?

24 What is he using?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1 if Mary is calling her husband.

   what she is doing.

2 if John can go upstairs.

   what John can do.

3 if John is going to look in the bathroom.

   what he is going to do.

4 if the baby is cleaning his shoes.

   what he is cleaning.

5 if the baby is using a toothbrush.

   what he is using.

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