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Q31 - A day's shooting

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My uncle is a keen sportsman. He often goes shooting during the weekend and usually comes home with a bag full of birds. Last Sunday evening he came home earlier than usual. He didn't say anything when he came in. He threw his bag on the table and sat by the fire. He looked tired and cross.

     'Didn't you have a good day, dear?' his wife asked.

     'What do you think?' he answered crossly and pointed at the bag. 'Look at this bag! There's only one bird in it and it cost me a lot of money!' 

     'Weren't there any birds?' my aunt asked kindly.

     'Hundreds of them!' my uncle said, 'but I spent the day arguing with a farmer.'

     'What happened, dear?' she asked.

     'I shot my first bird at five o'clock this morning. Soon afterwards I aimed at another one and fired. But I don't know what happened. I think I slipped because I didn't shoot the bird. I hit a cow and killed it. The farmer who owned it got very annoyed with me. I argued with him for hours and in the end I had to pay him £50!'



Answer these questions




1 Does your uncle often go shooting?

2 Did he go shooting last Sunday?

3 He came home early, didn't he?

4 Was his bag empty?

5 Had he spent the day shooting?

6 Had he spent a lot of money?

7 Was he angry?

8 Weren't there any birds?

9 There were plenty, weren't there?

10 Your uncle didn't kill a cow, did he?

11 Your uncle had to pay £50, didn't he?




12 Who is a keen sportsman?

13 Who often goes shooting?

14 Who went shooting last Sunday?

15 Who killed a cow?

16 Who had to pay £50?




17 Does your uncle like shooting or fishing?

18 Did he have a bad day last Sunday, or did he have a good day?

19 Did he shoot one bird or several?

20 Did he shoot the cow by accident or on purpose?

21 Was the farmer pleased or angry?

22 Did your uncle have to pay the farmer £50 or £20?




23 When does your uncle usually go shooting?

24 Where did he throw his bag when he came in?

25 Where did he sit?

26 What was in his bag?

27 How had your uncle spent the day?

28 Why did he spend the day arguing with the farmer?

29 How much did he have to pay?




Ask me


1a  if my uncle goes shooting during the weekend.

   b  when he goes shooting.

2a  If he shot many birds last Sunday.

   b  why he didn't shoot many birds last Sunday.

3a  if he spent the day arguing with a farmer.

  b  how he spent the day.

4a  if he killed a cow.

  b  how he killed the cow.

5a  if he had to pay £50.

  b  how much he had to pay.


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