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Q14 - At the grocer's


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Mrs Ford looked at her shopping list.

'I want some butter and some cheese,' she said, 'and a packet of biscuits.'

'Is that all, Mrs Ford?' the grocer asked.'

Mrs Ford looked at her list again. 'No, I want some sugar, some flour and a  packet of tea.'

'Sugar, flour and tea,' the grocer said and put them on the counter.

'And a tin of tomato soup,' Mrs Ford said.

'We don't have any tomato soup,' the grocer said.

'What are those tins on that shelf?' Mrs Ford asked.

'These, Mrs Ford?' the grocer asked. 'They're tins of tomatoes. Do you want a tin?'

'No, thank you.'

'Is that all, Mrs Ford?'

'Yes, thank you. Please send them to my house. Oh, and I want a dozen eggs,  too. but don't send them. I'll carry them.'

'We can send the eggs, too,' the grocer said.

'No, thank you,' Mrs Ford said. 'Your new delivery boy is very careless.  Last week he dropped the eggs on my doorstep.'




grocer's shop ou grocer's armazém

shopping compras

butter manteiga

packet pacote

biscuit biscoito

is that all? isso é tudo?

grocer dono de armazém

flour farinha

counter balcão

tin lata

soup sopa

shelf prateleira

send enviar

carry carregar

delivery entrega

careless descuidado

drop derrubar

doorstep degrau da porta da frente


Answer these questions




1 Did Mrs Ford look at her shopping list?

2 Does Mrs Ford want any butter?

3 Doesn't she want any cheese?

4 Did the grocer put the sugar on the counter?

5 Doesn't Mrs Ford want a tin of tomato soup?

6 Does the grocer have any tomato soup?

7 Are there any tins on the shelf?

8 Do these tins contain tomato soup?

9 Don't they contain tomatoes?

10 Will the grocer send the things to Mrs Ford's house?

11 Can he send the eggs too?

12 Will he send the eggs?




13 Who looked at the shopping list?

14 Who wants some butter and cheese?

15 Who will send the things to Mrs Ford's house?

16 Who will carry the eggs?

17 Who is very careless?




18 Did Mrs Ford look at the shopping list or did the grocer look at it?

19 Does Mrs Ford want some biscuits or some bread?

20 Does she want a tin of tomato soup or a tin of tomatoes?

21 Are the tins on the shelf or on the counter?

22 Will the grocer send the things or will Mrs Ford carry them?

23 Will Mrs Ford take the eggs with her or will the grocer send them?




24 Where was Mrs Ford?

25 What did the grocer put on the counter?

26 What did Mrs Ford see on the shelf?

27 What did the tins contain?

28 Where will the grocer send the things?

29 Why will Mrs Ford carry the eggs?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if Mrs Ford is at the grocer's.

  b where Mrs Ford is.

2a if she wants any butter.

  b what she wants.

3a if there are any tins on the shelf.

  b where the tins are.

4a if they contain tomato soup.

  b what they contain.

5a if the grocer will send the things.

  b when he will send them.











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