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QA1 - A good book

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Inspector Robert Jones is a detective. He lives near a library. Inspector Jones is in the

library now. He is talking to Miss Green. Miss Green is the librarian.


Jones: Good morning, Miss Green

Green: Good morning, Inspector. Can I help you?

Jones: Yes, you can. I'm looking for a good book.

Green: This is a good book, Inspector.

Jones: What is it?

Green: It's a detective story.

Jones: Good! I like detective stories. What's the murderer's name?

Green: I can't tell you that, detective. I'm a librarian. I'm not a detective.




near  perto de

library  biblioteca

now  agora

talking to conversando com

Miss senhorita

librarian bibliotecária

looking for procurando por

murderer assassino

tell contar para

that isso, aquilo

give him dar a ele

know saber

his dele (seu)

too busy ocupado demais

want querer

newspaper jornal

bad ruim

about sobre

do fazer


Answer these questions




1 Is Robert Jones a detective?

2 Is Robert Jones a librarian?

3 Does inspector Jones live near the library?

4 Is Inspector Jones in the library now?

5 Is Miss Green in the library, too?

6 Is Miss Green a librarian?

7 Can she help the Inspector?

8 Is the Inspector looking for a book?

9 Can Miss Green give him a book?

10 Is the book a detective story?

11 Does the Inspector like detective stories?

12 Does the inspector know the murderer's name?

13 Can Miss Green tell him the murderer's name?




14 Is Robert Jones a detective or a librarian?

15 Does he live near a library or near a school?

16 Is Inspector Jones in the library or in his room?

17 Can Miss Green help the Inspector, or is she too busy?

18 Does the Inspector want a book or a newspaper?

19 Is the book good or bad?

20 Is the book a detective story, or is it a story about animals?




21 What is the Inspector's name?

22 What is the librarian's name?

23 What does the Inspector want?

24 What is Miss Green?

25 What is Robert Jones?

26 What can Miss Green do?

27 What does the Inspector like?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1  if Robert Jones is a detective.

    what he is.

2 if Miss Green is a librarian.

   what she is.

3 if the Inspector wants a book.

  what he wants.

4 if Miss Green can help him.

what she can do.

5 if the Inspector likes detective stories.

   what the Inspector likes.

6 if Miss Green can tell him the murderer's name.

   what Miss Green can't tell him.

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