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Q5 - In a department store


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Mrs Jenkins is in a department store. She is going to buy a coat. She is standing near the counter. She is waiting for the shop assistant. A fat lady is standing near the counter, too. She is looking at Mrs Jenkins.


Fat lady:         Excuse me.

Mrs Jenkins:  Yes?

Fat lady:         Are you going to serve me? I want a coat.

Mrs Jenkins:  I'm sorry. I can't serve you.

Fat lady:        Of course you can serve me. That's your job.

Mrs Jenkins:  It's not my job. I want a coat, too. I'm a customer. I'm not a shop assistant.




department store loja de departamentos

she is going to ela vai

buy comprar

coat casaco

standing em pé

near perto de

counter balcão

looking at olhando para

serve atender

want querer

of course é claro

waiting esperando

customer cliente

shop assistant atendente

fat gordo


Answer these questions




1 Is Mrs Jenkins in a department store?

2 Is she going to buy a coat?

3 Is she going to buy a toothbrush?

4 Is Mrs Jenkins standing near the counter?

5 Is she waiting for the shop-assistant?

6 Can she see a lady near the counter?

7 Is the lady fat?

8 Are Mrs Jenkins and the fat lady waiting for the shop-assistant?

9 Is Mrs Jenkins going to serve the fat lady?

10 Does the fat lady want a coat?

11 Does she want a toothbrush?

12 Can Mrs Jenkins serve the fat lady?

13 Does Mrs Jenkins want a coat too?

14 Is Mrs Jenkins a shop-assistant?

15 Is Mrs Jenkins a customer?




16 Is Mrs Jenkins going to buy a coat or a toothbrush?

17 Is she standing near the counter or near the door?

18 Is a lady standing near the counter or near the door?

19 Is the lady fat or thin?

20 Does the fat lady want a coat or a pair of shoes?

21 Is Mrs Jenkins a customer or a shop-assistant?




22 What is Mrs Jenkins going to buy?

23 What is the fat lady doing?

24 What do Mrs Jenkins and the fat lady want?

25 What is Mrs Jenkins?




Ask these questions


Ask me


26 if Mrs Jenkins is going to buy a coat.

     what she is going to buy.

27 if a fat lady is talking to Mrs Jenkins.

     what the fat lady is saying.

28 if Mrs Jenkins can serve the fat lady.

     what Mrs Jenkins can't do.

29 if the fat lady wants a coat.

     what the fat lady wants.

30 if Mrs Jenkins is a shop-assistant.

     what Mrs Jenkins is.

31 if this is Mrs Jenkins' job.

     what Mrs Jenkins's job is.

32 if Mrs Jenkins and the fat lady are going to buy coats.

     what they are going to buy.

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