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Q3 - He's not an artist

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Mrs Robinson is in her garden. She is standing near the fence. She is talking to her neighbour. Her neighbour's name is Mrs Price.


Mrs Robinson: Good morning, Mrs Price. Can I borrow your ladder, please?

Mrs Price:         Not now, Mrs. Robinson. I can give it to you this afternoon. My husband is using the ladder now. He's upstairs. He's painting.

Mrs Robinson: Painting! That's a nice hobby.

Mrs Price:        Oh, it's not his hobby, Mrs Robinson. He doesn't like it.

Mrs Robinson: Is your husband painting a picture?

Mrs Price:         No, he can't paint pictures. He isn't an artist.

Mrs Robinson: What is he doing?

Mrs Price:         He's painting the bathroom.




garden jardim

standing em pé

fence cerca

talking to falando com

neighbour vizinho

borrow tomar emprestado

ladder escada

give dar

husband marido

upstairs andar de cima

painting pintando

picture quadro

doing fazendo


Answer these questions




1 Is Mrs Robinson in her garden?

2 Is she in her kitchen?

3 Is Mrs Robinson standing near the fence?

4 Is Mrs Robinson talking to Mrs Price?

5 Is Mrs Robinson talking to her husband?

6 Does Mrs Robinson want Mrs Price's ladder?

7 Can Mrs Robinson borrow Mrs Price's ladder now?

8 Can she borrow Mrs Price's ladder this afternoon?

9 Is Mr Price using the ladder now?

10 Is Mr Price upstairs?

11 Is he painting?

12 Is this his hobby?

13 Is Mr Price an artist?

14 Can he paint pictures?

15 Is Mr Price painting the bathroom?




16 Is Mrs Robinson in the kitchen or in the garden?

17 Is Mrs Robinson talking to Mrs Price or to her husband?

18 Does Mrs Robinson want a ladder or a book?

19 Can she borrow the ladder this morning or this afternoon?

20 Is Mr. Price upstairs, or is he in the garden?

21 Is he painting a picture, or is he painting the bathroom?




22 What are Mrs Robinson and Mrs Price doing?

23 What does Mrs Robinson want?

24 What is Mr Price doing?



Ask these questions


Ask me


1 if Mrs Robinson and Mrs Price are standing near the fence.

   what they are doing.

2 if Mrs Robinson wants a ladder.

   what Mrs Robinson wants.

3 if Mrs Price can give the ladder to Mrs Robinson.

   what Mrs Price can do.

4 if Mr Price is using the ladder.

   what he is using.

5 if Mr Price is painting a picture.

   what he is painting.

6 if he likes it.

   what he likes.

7 if this is his hobby.

   what his hobby is.

8 if he is an artist.

   what he is.










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