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Q25 - First flight


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Five tourists walked slowly across the airfield where a very small aircraft was waiting for them. The plane was used on local flights and had only two engines.

    The passengers got into the plane and sat down

    ‘Fasten your seat-belts, please,’ the air hostess said.

    An old lady turned to the air hostess. ‘Please help me with this belt,’ she asked, ‘I have never been on an aeroplane before and I feel rather nervous.’

    ‘Don’t worry,’ the air hostess said kindly. ‘These planes are the safest in the world.’

    Then the hostess went round with a tray of sweets. She offered a sweet to each of the passengers.

    ‘Take one of these,’ she said to the old lady. ‘It will help you to swallow.’

    Suddenly, the plane began to shake and rattle. It moved quickly down the runway and slowly climbed into the air. When the plane was in the air, the hostess went to the old lady again. ‘Didn’t the sweet help you to swallow?’, she asked.

    ‘No, I’m afraid it didn’t,’ the old lady answered. ‘But it took my mind off the plane. May I have another one, please?’



Answer these questions




1 Was the plane used for local flights?

2 It had only two engines, didn’t it?

3 Did the passengers fasten their seat belts?

4 The old lady has never been on a plane before, has she?

5 Doesn’t she feel rather nervous?

6 Didn’t the hostess give some sweets to the passengers?

7 Will the old lady accept a sweet?

8 The plane took off, didn’t it?

9 Didn’t the sweet help the old lady to swallow?

10 Did the old lady want another sweet?




11 Who told the passengers to fasten their seat belts?

12 Who feels nervous?

13 Who has given the passengers some sweets?

14 Who wants another sweet?




15 Was the plane used for local flights or for international flights?

16 Did it have two engines or four engines?

17 Did the old lady feel nervous or calm?

18 Did the hostess offer the passenger sweets or chocolate?

19 Did the plane take off, or did it remain on the runway?




20 How many tourists were going to travel by plane?

21 How many engines did the plane have?

22 What did the air hostess tell the passengers to do?

23 Why couldn’t the old lady fasten her seat belt?

24 What did the hostess give each passenger?

25 Why did the air hostess give sweets to the passengers?

26 How did the sweet help the old lady?


F Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if the passengers had to fasten their seat belts.

  b what the passengers had to do.

2a if the old lady needs help.

  b why the old lady needs help.

3a if the old lady feels nervous.

  b how she feels.

4a if the hostess gave the passengers some sweets.

  b what the hostess gave the passengers.

5a if the plane took off.

  b when the plane took off.



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