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Q16 - Help!

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I am staying at the Royal Hotel. This morning I walked past a room on the first floor. Suddenly, I heard a woman's voice.

'Help!' the woman shouted. Then I heard a man's voice.

'Don't move or I'll shoot you!' the man shouted angrily.

'Please don't shoot me,' the woman cried. The man laughed. Then I heard a shot. I knocked at the door loudly.

'Come in', the woman said softly. I rushed into the room.

'What's the matter?' I asked the woman. 'Can I help you?'

'Who are you?' the woman asked angrily.

'I heard a shot', I said. 'Are you all right?'

The woman laughed. 'Of course I'm all right.' She turned to the man.

'Put your gun in your pocket', she said.

'What's happening?' I asked.

'We're not quarrelling', the man said. 'We're actors. We are learning our parts.




stay hospedar-se

walk past passar por

suddenly de repente

shout gritar

heard past of hear, ouvir

shoot atirar

cry gritar

laugh rir

shot tiro

loudly alto

softly calmamente

rush ir apressadamente

matter problema

turn virar-se

pocket bolso

happen acontecer

quarrel brigar

part papel


Answer these questions




1 Aren't you staying at the Royal Hotel?

2 Were you on the first floor this morning?

3 Didn't a woman call for help?

4 Did you hear a shot?

5 Didn't you go into the room?

6 Was the woman dead?

7 Was she all right?

8 Didn't the man have a gun?

9 Did he put the gun in his pocket?

10 Are the man and the woman quarrelling?

11 Are they actors?

12 Aren't they learning their parts?




13 Who is staying at the Royal Hotel?

14 Who heard a shot this morning?

15 Who went into the room?

16 Who has a gun?

17 Who put the gun in his pocket?




18 Are you staying at the Royal Hotel or at the Grand Hotel?

19 Did a woman call for help, or did a man call for help?

20 Did you go into the room, or did you call the manager?

21 Was the woman alive or dead?

22 Did the man put the gun in his pocket, or did he put it on the shelf?

23 Are the man and the woman quarrelling or acting?




24 Which is your hotel?

25 When did you hear a shout?

26 Why did you go into the room?

27 Where did the man put his gun?

28 What are the man and the woman doing?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1 if I am staying at the Royal Hotel.

   where I am staying.

2 if I heard a shout.

   what I heard.

3 if the man will shoot the woman.

   why he will shoot her.

4 if I went into the room.

   where I went.

5 if the man put his gun in his pocket.

   where the man put his gun.

6 if they are actors.

   what they are.








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