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Q6 - A Modern picture

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Sally Jones is five years old.
She goes to school every day.
She paints pictures and brings them home.
Sally shows the pictures to her mother.
Her mother can't understand them.

Mother: What is that, Sally?
Sally:     It's a house.
Mother: And what are these?
Sally:     These are rooms. This room is the kitchen. That is my bedroom.
Mother: What are those green lines?
Sally:    They're not lines, mum. They're trees. This tree is in the sky.
Mother: Is this an airplane?
Sally:     It's not an airplane, mum. It's you. You're in the sky, too.


paint pintar
bring trazer
show mostrar
understand entender

that isso, (esse, essa, aquilo, aquele, aquela)
this isto, (este, esta)
these estes, estas

those aqueles, aquelas
rooms cômodos
kitchen cozinha
bedroom quarto de dormir
line linha
mum mamãe
tree árvore
sky céu


Answer these questions

1 Is Sally five years old?
2 Is she ten years old?
3 Does she go to school every day?
4 Does Sally paint pictures at school?
5 Does Sally leave the pictures at school?
6 Does she bring them home?
7 Does she show the pictures to her mother?
8 Can her mother understand them?
9 Can Sally understand her pictures?
10 Can mother see a house in Sally's picture?  
11 Can she see lines in the picture?
12 Are the lines trees?
13 Is the tree in the sky?
14 Is Sally's mother in the picture, too?


15 Is Sally five or six?
16 Does she go to school or does she stay at home?
17 Does she paint pictures at school, or does she read books?
18 Does Sally bring the pictures home, or does she leave them at school?
19 Is Sally's mother looking at a picture or at a book?
20 Are the lines in the picture green or red?
21 Is the tree in the sky or near the house?


22 What does Sally do at school?
23 What does she do with the pictures?
24 What does she show her mother?
25 What can her mother see in the picture?
26 What colour are the trees in Sally's picture?


Ask these questions

Ask me

27 if Sally goes to school every day.
28 what she does every day.
29 if she paints pictures.
30 what she paints.
31 if she brings the pictures home.
32 what she brings home.
33 if she shows the pictures to her mother.
34 what she shows to her mother.
35 if her mother can see a tree in the picture.
36 what her mother can see.
37 if the tree is green.
38 what colour it is.
39 if it is an airplane.
40 what it is.

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