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Q12 - A clever cat

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It was two o'clock in the morning and it was very dark. Mr Thompson woke up his wife.

'Irene,' he called softly, 'the baby's crying.' Mrs Thompson sat up in bed and listened.

'That's not the baby, Jim,' she said. 'It's a cat.'

'It can't be,' her husband said. 'I'll go and look.'

Mr Thompson got up and went to the window.

'You're right, Irene,' he said. 'There's a cat in the garden. Listen to it!'

'You must stop it, Jim,' Mrs Thompson said. 'That cat will wake up the baby.'

'What can I do?' Mr Thompson asked. 'It's very cold. I'm not going into the garden.'

'Throw a shoe at it,' his wife suggested.

'I can't do that,' Mr Thompson answered.

'Why not?' his wife asked. 'Can't you see it?'

I can see it very well,' Mr Thompson said. 'But I can't throw a shoe

at it. It's sitting on my greenhouse!'




dark escuro

woke up - past of wake up acordar 

call chamar

cry chorar

softly suavemente; baixinho

sat up past of sit up recostar-se

you're right você tem razão

must dever

throw jogar

greenhouse estufa


Answer these questions




1 Was it two o'clock in the afternoon?

2 Wasn't it two o'clock in the morning?

3 Didn't Mr Thompson wake up his wife?

4 Is the baby crying?

5 Can they hear a cat?

6 Won't Mr Thompson go and look?

7 Did he go to the window?

8 Can he see a cat in the garden?

9 Won't the cat wake up the baby?

10 Will Mr Thompson go into the garden?

11 Can't he throw a shoe at the cat?

12 Isn't the cat sitting on his greenhouse?




13 Who woke up at two o'clock?

14 Who woke up Mrs Thompson?

15 Who can see a cat in the garden?




16 Did Mr Thompson wake up at two o'clock or at four o'clock?

17 Was his wife asleep or awake?

18 Will Mr Thompson get out of bed or will Mrs Thompson get out of bed?

19 Did Mr Thompson go to the window or did he go into the garden?

20 Is the cat in the garden or on the roof?

21 Is the cat on the greenhouse or in the greenhouse?




22 What time was it?

23 Why did Mr Thompson wake up his wife?

24 What can they hear?

25 Where did Mr Thompson go?

26 Where was the cat?

27 What must Mr Thompson do?

28 Why won't Mr Thompson go into the garden?

29 Where is the cat sitting?

30 Why can't Mr Thompson throw a shoe at it?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if it was two o'clock.

  b what time it was.

2a if Mr Thompson woke up his wife.

  b when Mr Thompson woke up his wife.

3a if Mr Thompson will look out of the window.

  b what he will do.

4a if Mr Thompson got up.

  b when he got up.

5a if he can see a cat.

  b what he can see.

6a if he must stop it.

  b what he must do.






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