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Q19 - Two tramps and a dog

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Two tramps were walking along a quiet road. A sorry-looking dog was following them.

'We've had a bad day, Joe,' the first tramp said. 'We haven't got any money and we can't get anything to eat.'

'We'll find something,' the second tramp answered cheerfully.

Suddenly, the tramps saw a car in the distance. It was coming towards them very quickly. Both the tramps moved to one side, but the dog stayed in the middle of the road.

The driver tried to stop the car, but it was too late. The car hit the dog and killed it. The driver got out of the car and went towards the first tramp.

'Poor little dog,' the tramp said sadly.

'I'm terribly sorry,' the driver said. 'I tried to avoid your dog but I couldn't.' He took out his wallet and gave five pounds to the tramp. 'Will that be all right?' the driver asked.

'Yes, sir, thank you, sir,' the tramp said.

'The driver got into his car and drove away.

'Poor little dog,' the first tramp said and put the money into his pocket.

"Whose dog was it?' the second tramp asked.




tramp andarilho

sorry-looking triste

follow seguir

cheerfully animadamente

suddenly de repente

run over atropelar

belong (to) pertencer a

towards em direção a

both ambos

middle meio

lorry caminhão

hit bater

poor pobre

avoid desviar de

wallet carteira

pound libra

pocket bolso

whose de quem


Answer theses questions




1 Was a dog following the two tramps?

2 Do the tramps have any money?

3 Can't they get anything to eat?

4 The tramps saw a car, didn't they?

5 The car was coming towards them, wasn't it?

6 Did the tramps stay in the middle of the road?

7 Did the dog stay in the middle of the road?

8 Didn't the car run over the dog?

9 The driver was very sorry, wasn't he?

10 Didn't he give the tramps some money?

11 The tramps accepted the money, didn't they?

12 Did the dog belong to the tramps?




13 Who was walking along the road?

14 Who saw the car?

15 Who killed the dog?

16 Who was very sorry?

17 Who has given the tramps some money?




18 Were the tramps walking along a road or across a field?

19 Did they see a car or a lorry?

20 Did the tramps stay in the middle of the road, or did they move to one side?

21 Did the car run over a dog or a cat?

22 Did the first tramp accept the money, or did he refuse it?

23 Did the driver stay with the tramps, or did he drive away?




24 Where were the tramps?

25 Why can't the tramps get anything to eat?

26 Why did the tramps move to one side of the road?

27 Why did the driver try to stop the car?

28 How much did the driver give the tramps?

29 What did the driver do after this?




Ask these questions


Ask me if


1a if a dog was following the tramps.

   b why the dog was following the tramps.

2a if the tramps could get anything to eat.

  b why they couldn't get anything to eat.

3a if they could see a car in the distance.

  b what they could see.

4a if the car stopped near the tramps.

  b where the car stopped.

5a if the driver gave the tramps £5.

  b how much the driver gave the tramps.

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