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Q27 - The student teacher


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My cousin, John, is a university student. Last year he went to Italy and stayed there for two months. I was surprised that John was able to have such a long holiday because he never has any money.

            ‘How did you manage it, John?’ I asked. ‘I thought you were going to stay for two weeks.’

            ‘It was easy,’ John answered. ‘I got a job.’

            ‘A job!’ I exclaimed. ‘What did you do?’

            ‘I gave English lessons to a grocer,’ John answered. ‘His name is Luigi. We have become great friends.’

            ‘But you’re not a teacher,’ I said.

            ‘I told Luigi I couldn’t teach,’ John explained. ‘But he insisted on having conversation lessons. He wanted to practise his English. He has a lot of American customers, so it is important for him to speak English. I spent three hours a day talking to him. In return he gave me a room, three meals a day and a little pocket money.’

            ‘Did your pupil learn much English?’ I asked.

            ‘I don’t know,’ John said, ‘but I learnt a lot of Italian.’


Answer these questions




1 Is your cousin John still at school?

2 He’s a university student, isn’t he?

3 Didn’t John go to Italy last year?

4 He stayed there for two months, didn’t he?

5 Did John intend to stay in Italy for so long?

6 He’s always short of money, isn’t he?

7 Didn’t he teach English in Italy?

8 Was his pupil a butcher?

9 His pupil was a grocer, wasn’t he?

10 Did Luigi want to practise his English?

11 Luigi has a lot of American customers, doesn’t he?

12 Did John learn any Italian?




13 Who taught English in Italy last year?

14 Who wanted to practise his English?

15 Who has a lot of American customers?

16 Who learnt a lot of Italian?




17 Is John a university student, or is he still at school?

18 Is John rich, or is he always short of money?

19 Did John stay in Italy for two weeks or two months?

20 Did John get a job as a teacher or as a grocer?

21 Did John teach English or Italian?

22 Did Luigi want to practise speaking or writing?




23 When did John go to Italy?

24 How long did he stay there?

25 Why were you surprised when you heard this?

26 How long did John originally intend to stay in Italy?

27 How did John manage to stay in Italy for two months?

28 What did John teach?

29 Why did Luigi want to practise his English?

30 What did John get in return for the lessons he gave?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if John stayed in Italy for two months.

   b how long he stayed there.

2a if John was going to stay in Italy for two weeks.

  b how long he was going to stay there.

3a if John taught English.

  b what John taught.

4a if Luigi wanted to practise his English.

  b why Luigi wanted to practise his English.

52 if Luigi learnt any English.

  b why he didn’t learn any English.











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