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Q30 - A dirty suit


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'You must have this suit cleaned,'  Mrs Field said to her husband.

'It's very dirty.' She held up a dark suit for him to examine.

'Look!' she said. 'There are stains on the front and dirty marks round the pockets of your trousers. This suit is so dirty it will stand up by itself!'

    'All right, I'll take it to the cleaner's,' Mr Field answered.

    'I can't understand why you always buy dark suits,' Mrs Field went on. 'Why don't you buy a few light-coloured suits for a change? Light-coloured suits are much nicer. They will make you look younger, too.'

    'Perhaps they will,' Mr Field said. 'But they will get very dirty in London. London air isn't exactly clean and light-coloured suits will show all the dirt. I'll have to have them cleaned once a month.'

    'That's better than once a year,' Mrs Field replied. 'Dark suits get just as dirty, but they don't show it.'

    'That,' Mr Field said with a smile, 'is why I wear them.'


Answer theses questions




1 Was Mr Field's suit very clean?

2 Were there any stains on it?

3 There were dirty marks round the pockets too, weren't there?

4 Will Mr Field take the suit to the cleaner's?

5 Does Mr Field always buy dark suits?

6 Doesn't his wife prefer light-coloured suits?

7 Won't light-coloured suits show the dirt?

8 Light-coloured suits have to be cleaned often, don't they?

9 Do light-coloured suits show the dirt as much as dark ones?

10 Mr Field prefers dark suits, doesn't he?




11 Who told Mr Field to have his suit cleaned?

12 Who likes light-coloured suits?

13 Who prefers dark suits?

14 Who has his suits cleaned once a year?




15 Was Mr Field's suit clean or dirty?

16 Does Mr Field always buy dark suits or light-coloured ones?

17 Is the air in London clean or dirty?

18 Must a light-coloured suit be cleaned once a year or once a month?

19 Does Mr Field wear dark suits because he likes dark colours, or because    

      dark suits don't show the dirt?




20 What did Mrs Field show her husband?

21 Whose suit was it?

22 What did Mr Field agree to do with the suit?

23 Why does Mrs Field want her husband to buy light-coloured suits?

24 How often must a light-coloured suit be cleaned?

25 How often does Mr field have his dark suits cleaned?

26 Why does Mr Field prefer dark suits?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if he must have his suit cleaned.

   b why he must have his suit cleaned.

2a if Mr Field will take the suit to the cleaner's.

   b when he will take it to the cleaner's.

3a if he always buys dark suits.

   b why he always buys dark suits.

4a if he likes light-coloured suits.

   b why he doesn't like light-coloured suits.

5a if a light-coloured suit would get dirty in London.

   b why it would get dirty.

6a if he will have to have his suits cleaned once a month.

   b how often he will have to have his suits cleaned.

7a if dark suits show the dirt.

   b why they don't show the dirt.











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