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Q26 - Dinner for two


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Max Roberts is a bachelor. He lives in a small flat in London. Max not only enjoys eating food, he enjoys preparing it as well. His favourite hobby is cooking. He has had so much practice, that he has become an expert cook.

    His sister, Anne, called on him last Sunday evening. It was nearly dinnertime and Max was in the kitchen. He was wearing an apron and preparing a meal.

    ‘You will stay to dinner, of course,’ Max said.

    ‘I’m starving!’ Anne said. ‘Is there enough food for both of us?’

    ‘I hope so,’ Max answered.

    Anne lifted the lid of the saucepan. ‘Mm,’ she said. ‘It smells delicious.    

            What is it?’

    ‘It’s a Mexican dish,’ Max said. ‘Very special.’

    ‘You’ll be a good husband to some lucky woman,’ Anne remarked.

    ‘I don’t know about that,’ Max answered. ‘But this dish ought to be good. I’ve been preparing it for five hours.’

    ‘There’s enough food here for ten people!’ Anne said as she looked into the saucepan. ‘Are you expecting company?’

    ‘No,’ Max replied, ‘I was going to eat it all myself.’


Answer these questions




1 Is Max married?

2 He’s a bachelor, isn’t he?

3 Max lives in a small flat, doesn’t he?

4 Isn’t Max a good cook?

5 Will Max’s sister stay to dinner?

6 Is there enough food for both of them?

7 Max has prepared a Mexican dish, hasn’t he?

8 Has Max been preparing the meal for several hours?

9 He isn’t expecting company, is he?

10 He didn’t intend to eat all that food himself, did he?




11 Who is an expert cook?

12 Who called on Max last Sunday evening?

13 Who was preparing food at the time?

14 Who is going to stay to dinner?




15 Is Max Roberts a bachelor or is he married?

16 Does he live in a small flat or in a large house?

17 Was Max in the kitchen or in the dining room when his sister called last Sunday?

18 Was Max cooking or was he washing dishes?

19 Was Max preparing a Spanish dish or a Mexican dish?




20 Where does Max live?

21 What is Max’s favourite hobby?

22 When did his sister call on him?

23 Where was Max at the time?

24 What was Max doing when his sister called?

25 What sort of dish was Max preparing?

26 How long has he been preparing his dinner?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if Max lives in a small flat.

  b where Max lives.

2a if cooking is his favourite hobby.

   b what his favourite hobby is.

3a if Max was wearing an apron.

   b what Max was wearing.

4a if he has been working in the kitchen for five hours.

   b how long he has been working in the kitchen.

5a if there is enough food for then people.

   b how much food there is.










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