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Q17 - A pair of glasses

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Last week I had my eyes tested.

'My wife thinks I need glasses,' I explained to the optician. 'I know I don't need glasses. I can see very well.'

The optician tested my eyes. 'You ought to wear glasses, sir,' he said. 'Come and choose a pair of frames.'

'I can see very well without glasses,' I insisted, 'but if you say I need them, I'll have to have them.'

The optician did not answer me. He showed me some frames.

Choose a pair of these,' he said. 'These frames are made of plastic, and these are made of metal. These are tortoise-shell and are rather expensive.'

'I'll have the plastic ones,' I said.

'Do you think they suit you?' he asked and handed me a mirror.

I reached out for the mirror and missed. It crashed to the floor and broke into a thousand pieces.

'I'm very sorry,' I said and blushed.

'It doesn't matter,' the optician answered. 'We lose a lot of mirrors like that.'

'Well,' I said, 'I certainly need glasses.'

'You certainly do,' the optician answered with a smile. 'Your wife was right.'




explain explicar

optician oculista

ought to dever (auxiliar, mais forte que 'should')

choose escolher

frames armação

without sem

have comprar

tortoise-shell casco de tartaruga

rather muito (negativamente)

suit ficar bem em

hand alcançar, passar um objeto

mirror espelho

reach out esticar o braço

miss não acertar; errar; perder

blush corar

matter importar

like that dessa maneira



Answer these questions




1 Did you have your eyes tested last week?

2 Your wife thinks you need glasses, doesn't she?

3 Do you think you need glasses?

4 Ought you to wear glasses?

5 Tortoise-shell frames are rather expensive, aren't they?

6 Will you buy tortoise-shell frames?

7 Will you buy plastic frames?

8 You broke a mirror, didn't you?

9 Were you sorry?

10 You can't see very well, can you?

11 Was your wife right?




12 Who thinks you need glasses?

13 Who tested your eyes?

14 Who broke the mirror?

15 Who often loses mirrors?

16 Who was right?




17 Did you have your eyes tested, or did your wife have her eyes tested? 

18 Did you go to an optician or to a doctor?

19 Will you buy a pair of plastic frames or a pair of metal ones?

20 Did you drop the mirror, or did the optician drop it?

21 Did you break the mirror, or did you break a pair of glasses?

22 Were you sorry or pleased?

23 Was your wife right or wrong?




24 When did you have your eyes tested?

25 What does your wife think?

26 What did the optician show you?

27 What kind of frames did you choose?

28 Why didn't you choose tortoise-shell frames?

29 How did you break the mirror?

30 Whose mirror was it?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if I had my eyes tested.

   b why I had my eyes tested.

2a if my wife thinks I need a pair of glasses.

   b what my wife thinks.

3a if I went to an optician.

   b where I went.

4a if I will buy plastic frames.

   b what kind of frames I will buy.

5a if I broke the optician's mirror.

   b how I broke the optician's mirror.

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