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QA9 - Early one morning

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On Sundays father takes us for a drive into the country. We enjoy this very much. Last Sunday we got up very early. We sat in the car and waited for father. At six-thirty mother and father were ready. Father sat behind the wheel and started the engine. The car didn't move.

'That's funny,' father said.' 'It was all right yesterday.'

He tried again, but the car didn't move.

'There isn't any petrol in the tank!' my brother Jimmy said.

'You're right, Jimmy', father answered.

'I'll go and get some petrol from the garage', Jimmy said.

'It's half past six', my mother said. 'The garage is shut.'

'What shall we do?' I asked.

'We can go back to bed and get up at nine o'clock', father said.

Mother and father went back to bed, but Jimmy and I stayed in

the car.

'We're not going to sleep', we said.

Suddenly, father knocked at the window of the car.

'Wake up, children,' he said. 'It's nine o'clock.'




take levar

drive passeio de carro

into para (dentro)

country interior

enjoy apreciar

early cedo

sat past of sit - sit sentar-se

wait for esperar por

ready pronto

behind atrás de

wheel volante

start começar; ligar

engine motor

funny engraçado

try tentar

petrol gasolina

you're right você tem razão

get pegar; comprar

garage posto de gasolina

shut fechado

shall dever

go back voltar

sleep dormir

suddenly de repente

knock at bater em

wake up acordar


Answer these questions




1 Did they get up very early last Sunday?

2 Did father start the car?

3 Did the car move?

4 Isn't there any petrol in the tank?

5 Can Jimmy go to the garage?

6 Is the garage shut?

7 Will father and mother stay in the car?

8 Won't the children stay in the car?

9 Did the children go to sleep?




10 Who takes the children for a drive on Sundays?

11 Who started the engine?

12 Who will go back to bed?

13 Who woke up the children at nine o'clock?




14 Do they go to the country on Sundays or do they stay at home?

15 Did they get up early or late last Sunday?

16 Were mother and father ready at 6.30 or at 10.00 o'clock?

17 Did father start the engine or did Jimmy start it?

18 Is there any petrol in the tank or is the tank empty?

19 Will Jimmy get some petrol or will he stay in the car?

20 Is the garage open or shut?

21 Did mother and father go back to bed or did they stay in the car?

22 Did father wake up the children or did mother wake up the children?




23 When does father take the children to the country?

24 At what time were mother and father ready?

25 Whose car was it?

26 Where did father sit?

27 Why did mother and father go back to bed?

28 What did the children do?

29 When did father knock at the window of the car?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if they go for a drive on Sundays.

   b when they go for a drive.

2a if they got up early last Sunday.

   b why they got up early last Sunday.

3a if mother and father were ready at six-thirty.

   b what time mother and father were ready.

4a if the garage is open.

   b why the garage isn't open.

5a if father woke up the children.

   b when father woke up the children.

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