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Q10 - At the hotel


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'We want a room on the first floor,' I said.

'Certainly, sir,' the hotel manager answered.

'Have you a room with a private bathroom?' I asked.

'Yes, sir,' the hotel manager said. 'Here are the keys to number twenty-one.'


I took the keys and my wife and I went upstairs. We unlocked the door of number twenty-one and went into the room. We shut the door and put our cases on the floor.

'Listen!' my wife said. 'There's a man in this room. He's singing.'

'You're right!' I said. 'He's in the bathroom!'


I knocked at the door of the bathroom. The singing stopped.

'Who is it?' a voice asked.

'This is our room,' I answered. 'What are you doing here?'

'Your room!' the voice answered angrily. 'This is my room. Please go away. I'm  taking a bath.''I'll call the manager,' my wife said.


Just then the door opened and the manager came in.

'I'm very sorry,' he said. 'I made a mistake. Your room is next door. Here are the

keys to number twenty-two.'




floor andar

certainly certamente

manager gerente

private privativo, particular

key chave

take took pegar

upstairs andar de cima

unlock destrancar

shut fechar

case mala

knock bater

singing canto

go away Vá embora

Just then bem então

make fazer; cometer

mistake erro

next door ao lado


Answer these questions




1 Do you want a room on the first floor?

2 Is there a room with a private bathroom?

3 Did the manager give you the keys?

4 Didn't you go upstairs?

5 Did you go into room twenty-one?

6 Is there a man in the bathroom?

7 Will your wife call the manager?

8 Wasn't the manager sorry?

9 Didn't the manager make a mistake?

10 Is your room next door?




12 Who wants a room on the first floor?

13 Who gave you the keys?

14 Who is in the bathroom?

15 Who will call the manager?

16 Who has given you the keys to room twenty-two?




17 Do you want a room on the first floor or on the ground floor?

18 Did the manager give you the keys to room twenty-one or room twenty-two?

19 Did you and your wife go upstairs, or did you stay downstairs?

20 Is the stranger in the bathroom or in the bedroom?

21 Is this your room, or is it the stranger's room?

22 Will your wife call the manager, or will you call him?

23 Did the manager come upstairs, or did your wife go downstairs?




24 Which keys did the manager give you?

25 Where did you and your wife go?

26 Whose room was this?

27 What is the stranger doing in the bathroom?

28 Why was the man angry with you?

29 Why is the hotel manager sorry?




Ask these questions


Ask me


1a if I want a room on the first floor.

  b why I want a room on the first floor.

2a if the manager gave me the keys to room twenty-one.

  b what the manager gave me.

3a if this is my room.

  b whose room this is.

4a if my wife will call the manager.

  b who she will call.

5a if the manager came upstairs.

  b when the manager came upstairs.

6a if my room is next door.

  b where my room is.







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