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Use of English 9

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.

1. I haven't been to the cinema for ages.
    It's _________________________ to the cinema.

2. The garage is servicing my car on Monday.
    I'm ______________________________ on Monday.

3. He couldn't reach the button because it was too high.
    The button was ______________________ him to reach.

4. They understand more than we do.
    We don't understand___________________ them.

5. "Why don't you apply for the job, Ann?" said Sue.
    Sue suggested ________________________ for the job.

6. I haven't seen him for three years.
    The ____________________________ was three years ago.

7. He is extremely rich but very mean.
    He is very mean _________________________ extremely rich.

8. I didn't know the answer because I hadn't read the book.
    If I had read the book ________________________ the answer.

9. I don't agree with capital punishment.
    I'm ______________________ capital punishment.

10 I'm sorry; I broke it by accident.
     I didn't __________________________; it was an accident.





1 It's been ages since I have been to the cinema.

2 I'm having my car serviced on Monday.

3 The button was too high for him to reach.

4 We don't understand as much as them.

5 Sue suggested Ann should apply for the job.

6 The last time I saw him was three years ago.

7 He is very mean despite the fact that he is extremely rich.

8 If I had read the book I would have known the answer.

9 I'm not in favour of capital punishment.

10 I didn't break it on purpose.

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