Use of English 7

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.

1 You should make the most of being in Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower.
   You should ____________________________________ being in Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower.

2 What is your sister's job, Miranda?
   What does your _____________________________, Miranda?

3 She described the robber to the police.
   She _____________________________________ the robber to the police.

4 I hope you enjoy yourselves this evening.
   I hope you __________________________________ this evening.

5 I want you to try as hard as you can, Jenny.
   I want ______________________________________, Jenny.

6 You are making yourself look ridiculous.
   You ____________________________________ yourself.

7 We found it difficult to turn the key in the lock.
   We _______________________________________ the key in the lock.

8 Paul always expected his mother to be there for him
   Paul always ______________________________________________.

9 Wait your turn like everybody else.
   Don't _________________________________ like that.

10 I thought people wouldn't be able to understand my Spanish.
   I thought I wouldn't be able ______________________________________ in Spanish.



1... take advantage of ...
2... sister do for a living...
3... gave a description of ...
4... have a good time...
5... you to do your best...
6... are making a fool of...
7... had difficulty (in) turning...
8... took his mother for granted.
9... jump the queue...
10... to make myself understood...


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