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Use of English 6

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.

1  Carol: Could you be a little quieter, Peter?
     Carol told Peter ______________________________ noise.

2  Sue: If I were you, Richard, I would take the train not the bus.
     Sue advised Richard __________________________________ of the bus.

3  The doctor advised me to take more exercise.
     The doctor told me it _______________________________________ to take more exercise.

4  Robin advised me to buy shares in Sony.
     Robin suggested _______________________________ shares in Sony.

5  He told me it was the first time he had ever flown.
     "I _______________________________________", he said.

6  Porter: Sorry, the train left five minutes ago.
     He told them they ____________________________________ five minutes.

7  "I'll deliver the puppy the day after tomorrow", he promised.
     He promised to deliver _______________________________ time.

8  "Do you know where my tennis racquet is, Mum?" Sharon asked.
     Sharon asked her mother ___________________________________ tennis racquet.

9  In my opinion he should have a haircut.
     As ___________________________________ he should have a haircut.

10 Why do you think you are superior to other people?
     What makes ___________________________________ other people?






1 Carol told Peter told Peter not to make such a noise.

2 Sue advised Richard to take the train instead of the bus.

3 The doctor told me it was a good idea to take more exercise.

4 Robin suggested I buy shares in Sony.

5 "I have never flown before", he said.

6 He told them they had missed the train by five minutes.

7 He promised to deliver the puppy in two days' time.

8 Sharon asked her mother if she had seen her tennis racquet.

9 As far as I am concerned, he should have a haircut.

10 What makes you look down on other people?

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