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Use of English 5

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.

1  You must never take your helmet off while you are horse-riding.
    Helmets must be worn _______________________________ while horse riding.

2  I am here as the council's representative.
    I am here ____________________________________ the council.

3  The car door was open with a coat hanger.
    The thief opened the door __________________________________ a coat hanger.

4  For once, I would like you to do without any help.
    Can you do this ____________________________________ for a change?

5  He wanted to say he was sorry; that's why he bought some flowers.
    He bought some flowers ______________________________ he was sorry.

6  They waved until she disappeared over the hill.
    They waved until ____________________________________ over the hill.

7  One other thing before I forget - Jane was on TV.
    Oh, ____________________________, I saw Jane on TV.

8  I'm sorry but I thought it was OK to park here.
    I do apologise. I ___________________________ it was OK to park here.

9  Her responsibility was for the whole project.
    She ______________________________ the whole project.

10 The book was too high for me to get it from the top shelf.
      The book was ______________________________ on the top shelf.





1 Helmets must be worn all the time while horse riding.

2 I am here on behalf of the council.

3 The thief opened the door by means of a coat hanger.

4 Can you do this on your own for a change?

5 He bought some flowers in order to say he was sorry.

6 They waved until they lost sight of her over the hill.

7 Oh, by the way, I saw Jane on TV.

8 I do apologise. I was under the impression it was OK to park here.

9 She was in charge of the whole project.

10 The book was out of my reach on the top shelf

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