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Use of English 4


Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.

1  We need to find an imaginative solution.
    What we ___________________________ an imaginative solution.

2  They didn't let her watch TV.
    She ________________________ TV.

3  They have made the castle a tourist attraction.
    The castle ______________________________ a tourist attraction.

4  It hasn't rained for two years.
    The ____________________________________ two years ago.

5  She wouldn't let me pay the bill.
    She ____________________________________ the bill.    

6  Asthma cases have gone up.
    There has ________________________________ asthma cases.

7  Someone must find the answer.
    The _____________________________________ by someone.

8  Do you know the story of Frankenstein?
    Are ______________________________ the story of Frankenstein?

9  She didn't find his behaviour at all surprising.
    She ______________________________ his behaviour.

10 The air is clean since they fitted filters.
     The air ___________________________ they fitted filters.





1 What we need is to find an imaginative solution.

2 She was not allowed to watch TV.

3 The castle has been made a tourist attraction.

4 The last time it rained was two years ago.

5 She stopped me from paying the bill.

6 There has been an increase in asthma cases.

7 The answer must be found by someone.

8 Are you familiar with the story of Frankenstein?

9 She was hardly surprised by his behaviour.

10 The air used to be dirty before they fitted filters.



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