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Use of English 2

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.

1  I haven't seen her at this disco before.
    It's the _______________________________________ her at this disco.

2  This evening I'd prefer us to stay at home.
    I'd _____________________________ at home this evening.

3  They employ extra staff in the summer.
    Extra staff ____________________________ in the summer.

4  Waters has won the final against Graham.
    Graham _____________________________ in the final.

5  Susan is responsible for student registrations.
    Susan ______________________________ student registration.

6  Have you thought about learning to sail?
    Why _______________________________ sailing?

7  She hasn't appeared live for years.
    It's years ____________________________ live.

8  Don't throw that dictionary away.
    Don't _______________________________ that dictionary.

9  This terrible weather makes me angry and depressed.
    I ___________________________________ this terrible weather.

10 I'm dying for something to drink.
    I ___________________________________ a drink.





1 It's the first time I have seen her at this disco.
2 I'd rather we stayed at home this evening.
3 Extra staff are taken on in the summer.
4 Graham has been beaten (by Waters) in the final.
5 Why don't you take up sailing?
6 Susan is in charge of students registrations.
7 It's years since she last appeared live.
8 Don't get rid of that dictionary.
9 I am fed up with this terrible weather.
10 I could do with a drink/something to drink.


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