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Use of English 10

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.

01 Patrick says Gemma is to blame.
     It's Gemma's _______________________ Patrick.

02 I'd prefer us to go to the cinema.
     I'd _____________________ to the cinema.

03 Somebody needs to tell him.
     He _______________________ someone.

04 She was so bored by the lesson she fell asleep.
      It was _________________________ lesson she fell asleep.

05 Bob still finds his new contact lenses uncomfortable.
     Bob _________________________________his new contact lenses yet.

06 His mother never lets him go out.

He _______________________out.

07 It doesn't need to be finished this evening.
     It ins't _________________________ this evening.

08 He has probably spent all the money he won.
     He ______________________________ spent all the money he won.

09 She didn't want to join in the dancing at the party.
     She didn't want _______________________ the dancing at the party.

10 You had better not touch that switch.
     If I __________________________ touch that switch.





1 It's Gemma's fault, according to Patrick.

2 I'd rather we went to the cinema.

3 He needs to be told.

4 It was such a boring lesson that she fell asleep.

5 Bob hans't got used to wearing his new contact lenses yet.

6He is never allowed by his mother to go out.

7 It isn't necessarey to finish it this evening.

8 He is likely to have spent all the money he won.

9 She didn't want to take part in the dancing at the party.

10 If I were you I woudn't touch tha switch.










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