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Wish + past perfect or would

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1 I ate so much.
2 I was not there.
3 I did not tell her.
4 I was late.
5 I did not bring my camera.
6 I was not polite.
7 I did not know he was sick.
8 I did not learn English.
9 I came.
10 I bought this car.
11 I was driving so fast!
12 It was raining on Saturday.
13 They were talking about me.
14 She was going through a bad time.
15 He was acting strangely.
16 They were fighting about it.
17 She was working.
18 It was snowing.
19 The sun was not shining.
20 It was windy.
21 Will anybody get the phone?
22 Will you keep interrupting me?
23 Will this rain ever stop?
24 Will they stop fighting?
25 Will he know what to do?
26 Will he stop making so much noise?
27 Will he stop snoring so much?
28 Will that dog stop barking?
29 Will my computer stop crashing?
30 Will she come?

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