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Have and have got

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1 I have a car
2 She has a bike.
3 They have children.
4 We have got no children.
5 He has got a smartphone.
6 It has two doors.
7 I have got to go.
8 I don't have a car.
9 They don't have a bike.
10 We don't have any children.
11 He doesn't have a smartphone.
12 The car doesn't have four doors.
13 She doesn't have any children.
14 They don't have a house.
15 Do you have a horse?
16 Does she have a dog?
17 Do they have an apartment?
18 Does he have any children?
19 Do they have a computer?
20 Do you have to go?
21 Does he have cats?
22 Do you have a pen?
23 I have to go.
24 I don't have a car.
25 Do you have a car?
26 He has a horse.
27 She doesn't have a horse. 
28 I have new shoes.
29 Do you have new shoes?
30 They don't have new shoes.

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