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Mini test 3 toefl

1 Writers like William Shakespeare and Edgar Alan Poe are not only prolific but too interesting.

2 Jame's counselor recommended that he should take a foreign language in his freshman year instead 
    of waiting until the following year.

3 Although Mark has been cooking for many years, he still doesn't know to prepare French foods 
    in the traditional manner.

4 It is most important that he speaks to the dean before leaving for his vacation.

5 Visitors were not permitted entering the park after dark because of the lack of security and lighting.

6 I need both fine brown sugar as well as powdered sugar to bake a Hawaiian cake.

7 In spite Nellie's fear of heights, she decided to fly with a group of other classmates to the Bahamas during 
   the spring recess.

8 Let Nancy and her to make all the plans for the party, and you and I will provide the refreshments 
    and entertainment.

9. After rising the flag to commemorate the holiday, the mayor gave a long speech.

10 The general commanded the Officers' Club be off limits to the new recruits.

11 Louie got his sister read his class assignment and then asked her to write the report for him because he 
     did not have enough time.

12 Marcy said that she knew how the procedures for doing the experiment, but when we began to work in 
     the laboratory, she found that she was mistaken.

13 News of Charles Lindbergh's famous transatlantic flight in 1927 spread rapidly despite of the lack of 
     an international communication system.

14 It was suggested that Pedro studies the material more thoroughly before attempting to pass the exam.

15 The piano teacher requires that her student practices at least forty-five minutes every day in preparation for next                     week's recital.

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