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Mini test 2 Toefl
1 Children enjoy telling and listening to ghosts stories, especially on   Halloween night.

2 At the rate the clerks were processing the applications, Harry figured that it will take four hours 
   for his to be reviewed.

3 No one would have attended the lecture if you told the truth about the guest speaker.

4 We had better to review this chapter carefully because we will have some questions on it on our
   test tomorrow.

5 The little boy's mother bought him a five-speeds racing bicycle for his birthday.

6 Despite the time of the year, yesterday's temperature was enough hot to turn on the 
   air conditioning.

7 The Andersons just had an enclosed bricks patio built after fighting off the insects for two months.

8 Danny spent such enjoyable vacation in Europe this summer that he plans to return as soon as  
   he saves enough money.

9 Although the quantity was small, we had supplies enough to finish the experiment.

10 Kurt had so interesting and creative plans that everyone wanted to work on his committee.

11 If Rudy would have studied German in college, he would not have found the scientific
     terminology so difficult to understand.

12 I have to depositing this money in my checking account or else the check I just wrote will bounce.

13 We wish today was sunny so that we could spend the day in the country communing with nature.

14 Paul did so well in his speech today that he should have rehearsed it many times this past week.

15 Bess is used to fly after having crossed the continent many times during the past decade.

16 Our Spanish professor would like us spending more time in the laboratory practicing 
     our pronunciation.

17 Sam used to living in Oklahoma, but his company had him transferred to a better position 
     in Georgia.

18 The bolder the matador's display in the arena became, louder the audience expressed its 
     approval of his presentation.

19 Hal's new sports car costs much more than his friend Joel.

20 Max would rather to be fishing from his boat in the lake than sit at his desk in the office.

21 Sally must have called her sister last night, but she arrived home too late to call her.

22 If a crisis would occur, those unfamiliar with the procedures would not know how to handle 
     the situation.

23 Standing among so many strangers, the frightened child began to sob uncontrollable.

24 The teacher tried to make the classes enjoyable experiences for the students so 
     they would take a greater interest in the subject.

25 Whenever students asked for help or guidance, the counselor would advise them or refer them 
     to someone who will.

26 Anybody who plans to attend the meeting ought send a short note to the chairperson.

27 The teachers and the administrators are having such difficult time agreeing on a contract 
     for the forthcoming year that the teachers may go on strike.

28 Mary usually arrives at the office at nine o'clock, but because the storm, she was two hours late.

29 Our new television came with a ninety-days warranty on all electrical components.

30 It is difficult to get used to sleep in a tent after having a soft, comfortable bed to lie on.

31 The director felt badly about not giving Mary the position that she had sought with his company.

32 Tom and Mark hope go skiing in the mountains this weekend if the weather permits.

33 The political candidate talked as if she has already been elected to the presidency.

34 The salad tasted so well that my brother returned to the salad bar for another helping.

35 Even though she looks very young, she is twice older than my twenty-year-old sister.

36 Despite his smiling face, the second-place contestant is more sadder than the winner.

37 I do not believe that I have ever seen as many expensive cars than were in that shopping center.

38 The members of the orchestra had to arrived an hour prior to the performance for a short  

39 We thought our cameras were the same, but his is different than the one that I bought.

40 If Monique had not attended the conference, she never would meet her old friend Dan, whom 
     she had not seen in years.

41 Having lived here for seven years, my friend is used to speak English with all her classmates. 

42 No one in our office wants to drive to work any more because of there are always traffic 
     jams at rush hour.

43 That novel is definitely a dense-packed narrative, but one which requires a vast knowledge 
     of cultural background or an excellent encyclopedia.

44 Louise is the more capable of the three girls who have tried out for the part in the play.

45 They played so good game of tennis last night that they surprised their audience.

46 I would rather that they do not travel during the bad weather, but they insiste 
     that they must return home today.

47 Among us students are many foreigners who attend languages classes at the south campus.

48 My book is different than yours because mine has a vocabulary section at the bottom of 
     each page, and yours has one in the back.

49 That product that you bought at the lower price is the more inferior to the one that we sell at 
     a slightly higher price.

50 After a carefully investigation, we soon discovered that the house was infested with termites.


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