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Gramática sobre texto Básico sem os exercícios que se completam 


         Apostila em PDF com exercícios com chave de resposta disponível para download


01  Am, is, are (affirmative and negative) watch vídeo  
        Exercícios em vídeo da apostila  
02  Am, is, are (questions) watch video  
      Exercícios em vídeo da apostila  
      O que é o verbo to be, afinal? 
03  I am doing watch video
      Exercícios em vídeo da apostila  
04  Are you doing? watch video
        Exercícios em vídeo da apostila 
05  I do/work/like (present simple) watch video 
      Exercícios em vídeo da apostila 
06  I don't ... (pres simple negative) watch video 
      Exercícios em vídeo da apostila  
07   Do you ...? - present simple questions watch video 
       Exercícios em vídeo da apostila       
08   I am doing and I do watch video
       Exercícios em vídeo da apostila 
09   I have ... I've got watch video 
       Exercícios em vídeo da apostila 
10   Was/were watch video 
       Exercícios em vídeo da apostila 
11   Worked/got/went etc (past simple) watch video
       Exercícios em vídeo da apostila  
12   I didn't ... Did you ...? watch video
       Exercícios em vídeo da apostila  
13   I was doing (past continuous) watch video
14   I was doing (past cont), I did (simple past) watch video
15   I have done (Present perfect 1) watch video
       Exercícios da apostila  
16   I've just ... I've already ... I haven't ... yet (Present perfect 2) watch video
       Exercícios da apostila  
17   Have you ever ...? (Present perfect 3) completo
       Exercícios da apostila  
18   How long have you ...? (Present perfect 4) watch video
       Exercícios da apostila  

19   For, since, ago watch video 
20   I have done, I did watch video 
21   Is done, was done watch video 
22   Is being done, has been done watch video 
23   Be, have, do watch video 
24   Regular and irregular verbs watch video 
25   I used to watch video 
26  What are you doing tomorrow? watch video 
27  I'm going to ... watch video 
28   Will / shall (1) watch video 
29   Will / shall (2) watch video 
30   Might (and may) watch video
31   Can and Could watch video 
32   Must, mustn't, needn't completo 
33   Should watch video 
34   I have to ... watch video                        
35   Would you like to ...? watch video 
36   There is, there are watch video   
37   There was/were, there has/have been, there will be watch video 
38   It (como pronome impessoal) watch video 
39   I am, I don't etc watch video 
40   Have you? Are you? Don't you etc watch video 
41   Too/either / so am I / neither do I etc watch video 
42   Isn't  haven't  don't etc (negatives) watch video 
43   Is it ...? Have you ...? Do they ...? watch video 
44   Who saw you? Who did you see? watch video
45   Who is she talking to? What is it like? watch video 
46   What ...? Which ...? How ...? watch video 
47   How long does it take to ...? watch video
48   Do you know where ...? I don't know what... watch video 
49   She said that... He told me that... watch video 
50   Work/working, go/going, do/doing watch video 
51   To ... and -ing verbs watch video
52   I want you to ... watch video
53   I went to the shop to ... watch video
54   Go to, go on, go for, go + ing watch video 
55   Get watch video 
56   Do and make watch video
57   Have watch video
58   I, me, he, him, they, them etc Watch video
59   My, his, their etc - watch video
60   Whose is this? It's mine, it's hers etc watch video
61   I, me, my, mine watch video 
62   Myself, yourself, themselves watch video 
63   's, Ann's car, my brother's car etc watch video 
64   A / An - o artigo indefinido watch video 
65   Flower(s), bus(es), plural and singular watch video 
66   A car / some money watch video
67   A car / some money 2 watch video 
68   A / An & The watch video 
69   The watch video
70   Go to work, go home, go to the cinema watch video
71   I like music / I hate exams watch video
72   The (names of places) watch video 
73   This/that/these/those watch video
74   One / ones watch video 
75   Some and any watch video
76   Not + any / no / none watch video 
77   Not + anybody/anyone/anything
         nobody/no-one/nothing watch vídeo 
78   Somebody / anything / nowhere watch video 
79   Every and all watch video 
80   All, most, some, any, no/none watch video
81   Both, either, neither watch video 
82   A lot, much, many watch video
83   (a) little & a few watch video
84   Old, nice, interesting watch video
85   Quickly, badly, suddenly etc watch video 
86   Old, older, expensive, more expensive watch video
87   Older than, more expensive than watch video
88   Not as ... as watch video 
89   The oldest, the most expensive watch video
90   Enough  watch video 
91   Too watch video 
92   He speaks English very well (word order) watch video
93   Always, usually, often, etc watch video
94   Still, yet, already  watch video 
95   Give me that book / Give it to me watch video
96   At 8 o'clock, on Monday, in April, etc completo 
97   From ... to, until, since, for completo 
98   Before, after, during, while completo 
99   In, at, on (places 1) completo 
100   In, at, on (places 2)  completo 
101   To, in, at  completo 
102   Under, behind, opposite, etc watch video
103   Up, over, through, etc watch video  
104  On, at, by, with, about watch video 
105   Afraid of, good at etc, prepositions + ing watch video
106   Listen to, look at, verb + preposition watch video
107   Go in, fall off, run away etc watch video 
108   Put on your shoes / put your shoes on watch video 
109   And, but, or, so, because completo 
110   When watch video
111   If we go, if you see etc watch video
112   If I had ... If we went ... etc watch video
113   A person who... a thing that / which watch video 
114   The people we met, the hotel you stayed at watch video

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