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  1. Ela é minha irmã.

  2. She isn't my sister.

  3. Is she your sister?

  4. They're my brothers.

  5. They aren't my brothers.

  6. Are they your brothers?

  7. She's at home.

  8. She isn't at home.

  9. Is she at home?

  10. They are at work.

  11. They aren't at work.

  12. Are they at work?

  13. We aren't at school.

  14. Are you at school?

  15. He isn't my brother.

  16. Is he your brother?

  17. I am your friend.

  18. Am I your friend?

  19. You aren't my friend.

  20. Where are they?

  21. They aren't here.

  22. She isn't here.

  23. I'm not at home.

  24. Are you at home?

  25. Where are you?

  26. Are you a teacher?

  27. I'm not a teacher.

  28. They're my friends.

  29. The cat's here.

  30. Where's the dog?

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