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Passage 11

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Mrs. Brown was tired after her day's shopping in London, so she went into a restaurant for a cup of tea before catching the train home. When she had ordered her tea, she suddenly remembered that she had to buy some medicine for her husband, who had a cough.
    "Is there a chemist's near here?" she asked the waiter.
    "Yes, madam," the waiter said, "it's only about three minutes' walk away. Turn right when you go out of the restaurant, then take the second turning to the left. You'll find a big chemist's about a hundred yards up the road on the right-hand side. It closes at five, but if you hurry, you'll just get there in time."
   Mrs. Brown followed the waiter's directions carefully and found the chemist's shop without any difficulty. She bought  the cough mixture and started to make her way back to the restaurant. But after she had walked for about ten minutes and there was still no sign of the restaurant, she realised that she must have made a mistake.
  "Oh!" I am stupid!" said Mrs Brown. "I've left all my shopping in the restaurant and now I'm lost."
   She was still wondering what to do when a policeman came up and asked if he could help. Mrs. Brown explained what had happened. 
    "Well, first of all," said the policeman, "we had better go back as far as the chemist's."
   "Now," suggested the policeman, when they got to the chemist's, "let's go in this direction. It leads to the main road, where we shall probably find your restaurant."
   When they reached the main road, the policeman said:
   "I think you'll find the restaurant you are looking for along there, on the opposite side of the road."
   Mrs. Brown thanked the policeman for his help.
   "I can't understand how I went wrong," she said.
   The policeman smiled,
   "It's quite easy," he said, "to get lost in a big city like London."

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