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Passage sixteen

Dear Nr Fenton,

On May 1st we are planning to hold a dinner to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Alan Yuri Literary Society and I have been asked by our committee to invite you to be the guest of honour on this occasion. Since you came to live in our town last year, you have always shown a great deal of interest in our activities and you are without doubt our most popular speaker. We shall all be delighted as well as highly honoured if you can once again find the time to spend an evening in our company. I will send you further details as soon as I hear from you. I hope you will be able to accept this invitation.

Dear Mr Edwards,

Thank you for your letter of April 7th, which I am answering on behalf of my husband. Apparently you have not heard that about a month ago my husband was taken seriously ill, as a result of overwork. Although he is now much better, the doctor has ordered him to take a complete rest for at least three months. As a matter of fact we are leaving for the Continent as soon as he is fit to travel and it is unlikely that we shall return to England before the end of July.
In view of this, I regret that my husband is unable to accept this kind invitation to the dinner, which your society is holding on May 1st. He has asked me, however, to send his very best wishes for the success of the occasion and says that he hopes to be with you again in the autumn.

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