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Past simple 

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  1. I ate meat.

  2. I saw a movie.

  3. I worked.

  4. I bought this.

  5. I broke a glass.

  6. Did you eat?

  7. Did you see Alan?

  8. Did they work?

  9. Did he buy the book?

  10. Did you break this?

  11. She didn't eat.

  12. They didn't see Alan.

  13. They didn't come.

  14. He didn't buy the car.

  15. She didn't break the glass.

  16. I didn't know.

  17. Did you know?

  18. They didn't know.

  19. I didn't go.

  20. Did you go?

  21. She didn't know.

  22. They didn't come.

  23. They didn't do that.

  24. I came yesterday.

  25. I didn't see Alan.

  26. Did you come?

  27. I didn't have time.

  28. I didn't write this.

  29. Did you write this?

  30. They wrote this.

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