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Present simple 

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  1. They work.

  2. They don't work.

  3. Do they work?

  4. She lives here.

  5. She doesn't live here.

  6. Does she live here?

  7. He has a car.

  8. He doesn't have a car.

  9. Does he have a car?

  10. She writes.

  11. She doesn't write.

  12. Does she write?

  13. Alan teaches English.

  14. He doesn't teach French.

  15. Do they speak English?

  16. Does your wife speak English?

  17. Yes, she does.

  18. Does your husband speak English?

  19. No, he doesn't.

  20. He speaks German.

  21. He buys cars.

  22. This costs ten dollars.

  23. He does exercises.

  24. She doesn't watch TV.

  25. She has a car.

  26. He doesn't have a car.

  27. Where do you live?

  28. Where does she live?

  29. Where do they live?

  30. Do you have a car?

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